Glif, So impressed, I bought

Glif, So impressed, I bought

Do any of you remember that advert? Maybe you have heard the legend? Maybe you just know the catchphrase “So impressed, I bought the company” without knowing the source?

It was Victor Kiam. It was Remington electric razors. It was quite a different advert for its time. It was laughed at and admired at the same time.

Among other things, Victor Kiam thought that the razor which his wife had bought him for Xmas was very good. In fact, he was ‘So impressed, that I bought the company’.

You can see the advert in all its original, early 70s glory.

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Goodness me! I thought it was much longer ago, but it was just 2010 when the Glif was launched. I did not buy the company, but I did buy the product. Crowdfunding had started a few years earlier, but it was only really now taking the form that it has now. I really am not sure I knew exactly what I was doing, what a leap of faith it was. Then again, as I recall, it was only a $20 investment!

The Glif has evolved somewhat in the 7 years since I bought one. I have still got mine, and it doesn’t look very much like the universal model with they offer now. I have wondered a few times what I should do with it, as it only worked with the square-ish lines of an iPhone 4. Just the other day, I came across it in a drawer. I think it smiled back at me!

From the Glif was born a company which now makes a line of items. As Studio Neat themselves say “You might look at our various products and deem it a bit capricious. The same company that makes an iPhone tripod mount also makes a kit to create clear ice at home? To us, it’s all about solving interesting problems and delighting our customers. This is our guiding light”.

But here is the bit I really like. They close their ‘About us’ statement by saying “We are in it for the long haul. We are not interested in venture funding or being acquired. We have been profitable since day one and we intend to keep that going. And we owe it all to our amazing customers and backers. Thanks for your continued support!”. I do not know about you, but to me, that oozes with pride, speaks of some triumphs, and probably some battles along the way. I say very well done to them! Long may they run!

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